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The latest Coal news

Is Obama’s climate plan enough to ‘stop the planet being beyond fixing’?

Barack Obama has laid out his ‘climate action plan’, but will it be enough to halt the rise in carbon emissions? Leo Hickman, with your help, investigates

Local government, 457 visas and coal seam gas: parliamentary video highlights

Liberal MPs Bronwyn Bishop and and Dennis Jensen call for the government to review their approach to the local government referendum. Shadow immigration minister Scott Morrison declares the opposition won’t support the government’s 457 visa bill. Labor MP Grahame Perrett praises Liberal MP Judy Moylan. Greens Senators Larrissa Waters and Scott Ludlam discuss coal seam gas and PRISM

Keep our coal in the ground | Simon Copland

Simon Copland: If coal extraction developments are to go ahead in Queensland, we are dooming ourselves to a world no one wants to see