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The latest Coal news

Can Narendra Modi bring the solar power revolution to India?

Indian PMs renewables ambitions are big, like the Gujarat Solar Park, Asias biggest, but coal use is still increasing

From the observation tower in the Thar desert and as far as the eye can see, the dark blue arrays of a million solar panels can be seen sitting silently on the red dust. The Charanka solar park in Gujarat is an ultra-mega power project the Indian governments phrase and the biggest in Asia.

But unlike the hundreds of coal plants and their noxious smokestacks being built in the country, the only danger linked to the solar panels are the snakes and scorpions that slink and scuttle between the sparse shrubs, posing a minor hazard to those who dust off the panels after dusk.

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Despite the UN climate summit, fossil fuel firms are still in for the long term | Fiona Harvey

Either the world is gearing up to tackle climate change, or there are long-term profits for companies exploiting oil, gas and coal reserves. Both propositions cant be true

More than 300,000 people marched in New York a week ago, with tens of thousands more in cities across the globe. More than 120 heads of state and government convened in New York, renewing their commitment to a global climate deal to be forged next year. France pledged $1bn in climate aid to poor countries, followed by several others. And a group of banks, pension funds and insurers promised investments of $200bn in low-carbon ventures in the next year.

But behind the impressive headline figures, the true story of Climate Week shows a more complex picture.

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Siemens: we will be in fossil fuels ‘for the really long-term’

Coal still key to future growth despite strong focus on renewables, says company

One of the worlds leading industrial multinationals has said it will be investing in fossil fuels for the really long-term, despite commitments to green technologies including renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The declaration by Siemens, made on the fringes of Climate Week in New York, highlights the competing imperatives of fossil fuel investment and decarbonisation efforts, and comes even as investors announced $200bn (£123bn) for clean technology as one of the key achievements of the week.

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