Australians for Coal campaign fires up protesters instead of supporters

Charm offensive by the Minerals Council of Australia to rally the ‘silent majority’ falls at first social media hurdle

The mining industry appeared to have all it needed for a decent online campaign: a new website, chest-beating media statements and one of those fancy Twitter hashtags, #australiansforcoal. What it got in return was merciless mockery.

The Minerals Council of Australia, which is backed by mining companies including industry giants BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, launched Australians for Coal on Monday, as part of a PR campaign which will include TV advertisements and, naturally, political lobbying.

i am bored with the coastlines being where they are and wish there was more violent weather and thats why i’m supporting #australiansforcoal

because my grandfather loved mining for coal so much, especially the death from lung cancer bit, I’m so #australiansforcoal

Because I hate breathing fresh air, eating food and drinking clean water I’m with #australiansforcoal #auspol

Love the smell of coal dust in the morning – asthma, IQ loss, nerve damage – can our kiddies ask for more? #australiansforcoal

#australiansforcoal Because a month long fire just isn’t enough to turn Morwell into Mordor.

Over 30 days since the last major coal mining disaster…and counting! That’s why I’m STILL supporting #australiansforcoal

lungs are the new black #australiansforcoal

Because soon coal will be vintage, retro and kinda cool #australiansforcoal

#australiansforcoal the more icebergs we destroy by heating up the planet , the safer the shipping industry will be from colliding with them

Because the Earth’s surface is 71% ocean. Let’s make that a nice, easy to remember 75%. For the kids. #australiansforcoal

I’m for coal because apparently I’ll lose my job in a completely unrelated field and industry if coal profits are taxed #australiansforcoal

#australiansforcoal because climate science is dull and we haven’t worked out how to make money out of that sun stuff yet.

There are too many solar spills #australiansforcoal

I support #australiansforcoal because wind turbines caused my sheep to give birth to chickens.

I’m a bit upset at how nasty everyone’s being at the #australiansforcoal thing. IT’S OK COAL! I LOVE YOU! I ALWAYS *HATED* THAT STUPID REEF!

I am supporting #australiansforcoal because anti-coal activists waste a lot of time entertaining themselves with smart arse tweets about it

Perhaps the #australiansforcoal campaign only had one KPI: ‘Trend position’. Totally #nailedit @MineralsCouncil! Still at the top today!

#australiansforcoal because the fossil fuel industry thinks you’re sufficiently thick not to spot a well-funded astro-turfing campaign.

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