Buying Coal

Buying coal to burn in open fires, furnaces and other appliances is a relative cheap way of heating your home. This is especially true if you do not live in an area that has piped natural gas to the home. Coal has been burned for cooking, heating water and heating the home for a long time; many people across the UK still have a coal fire as their primary source of heating. For other people, the coal fire is now seen as aesthetically pleasing, especially at Christmas time where there is a strong association with a roaring fire in cold, snowy weather.

There are several types of coal available, in its natural forms and manufactured forms. Traditional non-smokeless coal is what could be described as ubiquitous coal, straight from the mine, the coal everyone thinks of when they think of coal. This comes in different sizes, from chunks the size of bricks to smaller pieces that fit in the palm of your hand. Another type of coal is Anthracite, which comes in much smaller pieces and grades. Anthracite is harder, more dense and contains more carbon than Traditional coal. This is because Anthracite is the most metamorphosed coal, meaning it has formed for longer. Anthracite is a clean fuel that is used in gravity-fed boilers for heating water, rather than open fires.

Smokeless coal is increasingly popular because of the requirements for clean air in smoke-controlled areas, usually densely-populated urban areas such as London. Smokeless fuels are also better for your health and the environment, burn longer therefore are more efficient in producing heat than traditional coal. Used correctly and regularly it can be more cost-effective than traditional coal, although the cost per tonne is greater in comparison.

The choice is there, to buy your coal go to, and soon you will be enjoying the comfort, heat and delight of a real coal fire this Christmas!