Fuels rush in as energy blackout threat prompts action from National Grid

The bizarre prospect of Britain being bailed out by ‘diesel generation parks’ is now a reality as an energy supply shortfall nears crisis point

One of the new niche areas for investment in the energy sector is no, not solar arrays, wind farms or anaerobic digestion plants, but diesel generation parks. It is one of the ironies of the current "energy crisis" that it has allowed the return of one of the most carbon-polluting technologies at a time when we are trying to tackle global warming.

How did it happen? The running-down of traditional electricity generating capacity, due to the closure of old atomic reactors and dirty coal-fired plants, has left the UK threatened by the lights going out at peak times. And so enterprising, if not green, entrepreneurs have realised there is cash to be made by assembling a load of old diesel generators in a field or industrial park and offering them as power sources when the National Grid is struggling to meet demand.

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