Germany, UK and Poland top dirty 30 list of EU coal-fired power stations

Environmental study highlights health effects from pollution, with Germany coming top, and the UK third in total coal consumption

The UK and Germany lead a list of the EUs most polluting coal-fired power stations compiled by environmental campaigners, who say coal emissions are undermining efforts to combat climate change. Both countries have nine of the so-called dirty 30 and the campaigners say coal burning is increasing due to the relatively low price of the fuel compared to gas.

Germany and the UK are the self-declared climate champions of the EU, says the new report. However, Germany uses more coal to generate electricity than any other EU country, while the UK comes third in absolute coal consumption for power after Poland. The report argues current EU policy on climate, energy and air pollution in the power sector is not strong enough to achieve the switch from coal to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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