I blocked a coal train to protest against Britains addiction to this dirty fuel | Will McCallum

Coal is the biggest threat to our climate, yet at a UN summit this week David Cameron couldnt bring himself to commit to a low-carbon future

As world leaders were gathering in New York for a crucial climate summit on Tuesday, I and around 50 other Greenpeace activists stopped a 400-metre train carrying more than 1,000 tonnes of coal to Cottam power station in Nottinghamshire. For the next 10 hours we attempted to empty the train of its climate-wrecking cargo and in the process blocked off the coal supply routes to both Cottam and the West Burton power station, which together emit more carbon than Sri Lanka every year.

What we did is what global leaders must do if they are serious about tackling climate change. They too need to stand in the way of the damage to our climate and health inflicted by this dirty fuel. Coal is the number one threat to our climate, making up around 44% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Yet the countries represented at the summit are still burning billions of tonnes of this dangerous stuff every year, driving up the carbon pollution that is warming our planet.

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