Is it un-Australian to be driving on with fossil fuel expansion plans? | Graham Readfearn

As the IPCC warns greenhouse gas emissions need to be cut quickly, an Australian court decides that stopping a mega coal mine won’t cut emissions

About five years back, I was crawling in Brisbane traffic behind one of the city’s ubiquitous white utility vehicles on my way to an anonymous city centre office to sit my Australian citizenship test.

Stuck to the back of this ute was a large anti-immigration sticker, peeling on one corner, declaring "Fuck off, we’re full," to all literate observers.

I can sympathise with the position of the objectors who see [greenhouse gas] emissions rising, and the likely adverse climate change consequences that will flow should nothing be done to alter the course that the world is heading down. I have no reason to doubt the eminent expert evidence that was presented in this case to that effect. However, I must on the evidence of this case determine that it is the demand for coal-fired electricity, and not the supply of coal from coal mines, which is at the heart of the problem.

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