Propaganda masterclass: can Kim Jong-il beat coal seam gas?

For her film Aim High in Creation!, Australian director Anna Broinowski mined the late dictators cinematic secrets to make her own propaganda about fracking in Sydney

Angered at the prospect of Sydney Parks green hills being punctured by coal seam gas wells, filmmaker Anna Broinowski sets out to rouse the people to action. Her opponent, the energy giant Santos, runs slick ads. Their farmers farming consultants if you look more closely pass broad, flat hands over fields of canola and laud fracking as a harmless process in line with nature’s rhythm. The sun rises, the cattle roam, the chemical proppant is fired into a wellbore to fracture shale rock.

Broinowski thinks were being fed outright propaganda, and resolves to fight fire with fire. Brow firmly arched, she sets off to North Korea to learn the methods of master propagandist and cinematic genius Kim Jong-il, who left detailed instructions on how to make the perfect film before his timely death in 2011.

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